Lewis Grand Hotel: The best value in Angeles City

I’ve already written here about the best hotel in Angeles City and the worst. Now it’s time to cover an excellent hotel that falls in between the two in terms of quality (though it’s much closer to the higher end than the lower) and surpasses all in terms of value.

The Lewis Grand Hotel, which some locals understandably refer to as “The White House,” is very centrally located on Don Juico Avenue. It’s within walking distance of the concentration of bars on Fields Avenue Walking Street and Perimeter Road, but guests don’t have to hoof it if they don’t want to; the hotels has a small fleet of vehicles to shuttle guests around locally free of charge and there are always trikes stationed across the street from the entrance.

Lewis Grand Hotel

The Lewis Grand is a large hotel filled with room that range from big to huge. The beds and bathrooms are sized to match. The decor is decent, if sometimes a tiny bit worn. Every one that I’ve been in has also come with a nice balcony overlooking the large pool inside the complex. Getting extra towels, having your room cleaned, getting an in-room rub down, all the other things you might expect in a place like this are never hard to get.

If I have any complaints at all they would be that the front desk staff sometimes seems a little lost when the dialogue goes off script and it can take longer than it seems it should to get a meal cooked in the poolside restaurant. These are minor issues though, especially considering some of the disasters I’ve experienced elsewhere.

The rates for rooms at the Lewis Grand can fluctuate quite a bit. I’ve seen the entry level quarters (which are still well above even the “premium” rooms of some of the other hotels around town) go for as little as 70 US dollars a night or as much as 130, depending on the season, availability and which sales are going on at the time. In my opinion, no matter where the rooms fall in this price range, they still offer a fantastic value.

Lewis Grand Hotel room

The hotel is of course guest friendly and as you might guess, the luxury it offers can help to encourage guests back to the room when they otherwise might be a bit unsure.¬† After all, who wouldn’t prefer a stay at the White House to one at the purportedly-haunted¬†Hotel California.

Any stint at the Lewis Grand should be a good one. The places is very well built and offers great accommodation and a sometimes needed respite from the hectic goings on of the city outside of the hotel’s sturdy white walls. I recommend it.

If you plan on staying at the Lewis Grand (or anywhere else in Angeles City), book your room online in advance to get the best possible rate.

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