Review of Legacy Suites guest friendly Sukhumvit hotel

Legacy Suites is a huge, quality, guest-friendly hotel located only a short walk from the infamous Soi Cowboy in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok, Thailand.

The hotel is very easy to find on the right side of Soi 29 when entering from Sukhumvit. What is not so easy is finding the front desk. That’s because the place consists of several buildings brought together in a sort of complex. To check in one simply has to enter the courtyard and walk to the building on the right. There one of several friendly women will get things straight. Some rooms are in the same building as the front desk and large lobby. Others are elsewhere. The nicest rooms seem to be in the building across the courtyard which is also where the in-house restaurant is located.

Legacy Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit girl friendly hotel

After several stays at Legacy Suites I can honestly say that I don’t have even a single complaint about the place. If fits the bill and offers basically everything that I could want. Granted it’s not the Lisboa in Macau, but it’s nice enough and the service is grand.

Once I was given a free upgrade to a huge suite. Upon entering the room with the bell hop I noticed a slight musty odor. I find that this is common in a lot of countries with hot humid wather. Before I could even mention it the bell hop offered to find me another room or get some air freshener. The latter did the trick and I didn’t really notice it again during my stay.

Another time I noticed that the wireless router in my room didn’t have a cable connecting it to anything. Of course this meant that the internet wouldn’t work. Within a minute of calling the front desk a bell hop came to the rescue with a new wire. The same level of service comes with room service, which is fast and pretty tasty.

Legacy Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit girl friendly hotel

The Legacy Suites hotel is absolutely guest friendly. Some may wonder if that’s truly the case when looking at how large, modern and “mainstream” the place appears from outside, but their questions will soon be answered when they step into the elevators. Each lift has a memo inside warning guests of the dangers of bringing people they don’t know inside their room. To make things safer, they suggest that people staying at the hotel bring their guests to the front desk to sign in and leave their ID.

The Legacy Suites is a large, moderately classy place. Because of that I imagine that anyone who simply shows up on the hotel’s doorstep trying to book a room in person at the last minute will have to shell out a pretty penny. It’s a much better bet to book a room at Legacy Suites online and save. I’ve gotten as much as fifty percent off of the listed rate that way.

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