Review of On8 Sukhumvit, a great girl friendly hotel

After countless visits to the land of smiles, I can truly say that On8 Sukhumvit is one of the best high quality guest friendly hotels I’ve found in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok, Thailand.

Most websites I’ve seen give the On8 hotel four stars. While I do think it’s one of the better options available in the area I have to be honest when making assessments. I don’t think the hotel is truly a four star facility when judging by international standards. Some of the four and four-and-a-half-star hotels I’ve stayed at in places like Macau and Hong Kong are miles ahead of On8. Then again, who knows. The star system seems to be made up along the way, as some “three star” hotels I’ve seen have been in around the world have barely suitable for human habitation. I remember stopping at a “3.5 star” hotel in a rural part of the US that didn’t even have a working toilet. Some sites give On8 only three stars. I think it’s well above that.

On8 Sukhumvit girl friendly hotel review

Enough about the stars though. What really matters is how the hotel sizes up. For the single male traveler looking for a place to lay his head in Bangkok, On8 Suhkumvit surely fits the bill. The hotel is located in a very convenient location, right off of Sukhumvit Soi 8 with an additional entrance on Suhkumvit itself, the hotel is only footsteps away from Nana Station on the BTS Skytrain which can get you all around town in air conditioned comfort.

Stepping into the lobby, one could easily think that they had entered some sort of upscale backpackers hotel. That’s clearly not the case however, as is made clear by a visit to the nice cafe or the various rooms located upstairs. The hotel is much bigger than it appears from outside with hallways filled with rooms extending in all directions from the elevator doors. Some of them shoot of in directions you may never expect.

The rooms themselves are well appointed and look very new. I’m not sure when this hotel was put together but if it was more than a few years ago then I have to give the staff credit for doing a great job on the upkeep. Everything from the bedding to the furniture looks like it just came out of a shop window.

The bathrooms are larger than what a lot of other hotels offer, and they are enclosed in frosted glass. That’s something that can add to the fun when you bring a friend back to the room to enjoy the facilities. Any friends who are brought back simply need to leave their ID card at the front desk. There is no fee for bringing them into the hotel. When they leave, the front desk will call your room to make sure everything is okay before handing their ID back to them.

The entire On8 Sukhumvit hotel is covered by high speed wireless internet. When checking in you are given slips of paper with wi-fi passwords for each 24 hour period, though I’ve never had to use these. The connections have always been open, allowing me to get online with my laptop and smartphone with nothing more than a click.

The aforementioned cafe is well kept and has a nice extensive menu. Prices are decent and I’ve always been given discount coupons for breakfast. Room service is also available until 10:30 at night, which is good for those late mornings when you wake up with a headache from the night before.

On8 Sukhumvit girl friendly hotel review

On8 could hardly have a better location. It’s close enough to anything you’d want to see, including outstanding shopping malls like Central World and Terminal 21, any kind of restaurant you could want, and of course the red light adult entertainment districts and more massage parlors than you could possibly visit. Patpong and some of the large soapy massage complexes are a little further out, but they too are easily reached by train or an inexpensive taxi.

As a four star hotel in the heart of Bangkok, the official prices at On8 Sukhumvit can be a bit high. I would recommend against simply showing up and trying for a room. During my last visit, when I was checking in to a room I paid 1500 Baht (around $47 USD) for online, I witnessed first hand as a hot and sweaty guy wandered in off the street and was given a quote of more than double that rate by the front counter staff.

By¬†booking your room at the On8 Sukhumvit online you can save a lot of money. I’ve stayed a few times and I’ve always got discounts of 50 percent or more off of the official room rate by setting it all up online, in advance of my stay. That’s quite the savings and it can go far in enhancing your entertainment in nearby areas like Nana Plaza (which is only a five minute walk away) and Soi Cowboy (which is only a few minutes more by foot).

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