Review of the guest friendly Hotel B3 Virrey in Bogota

The Hotel B3 Virrey is a girl friendly three star hotel located in the heart of Bogota, Colombia. The B3 Virrey is located on Carrera 15 which is a main thoroughfare. The local area is home to a lot of business and commercial activity. The area also contains many restaurants, cafes and nightlife options. Lalos Club is directly across the street from the hotel entrance.

While the staff at the B3 Virrey handle their tasks sufficiently, they definitely do not go out of their way to greet or treat their customers. They seem satisfied with doing their jobs as required and nothing more. It is hard to blame them for that but one might expect more from people in the hospitality industry.

guest friendly Hotel B3 Virrey

The hotel itself is quite nice. There is a big lobby with a restaurant, several elevators that ensure customers never need to wait, and open and clean corridors. Some nights the hotel has a DJ inside the restaurant in an apparent attempt to turn the lobby into a kind of nightclub. Thankfully, the music from the DJ does not reach the rooms above.

The rooms at the B3 Virrey are nice if simplistic. They contain big beds, large bathrooms, safes, closets, desks and big windows overlooking the city and the mountains above it. Other than that there is not much to say since they are rather sparse.

guest friendly Hotel B3 Virrey

The B3 Virrey is a guest friendly hotel. That means that the hotel has no problem with customers bringing guests back to their room. Guests are required to provide ID to the front desk and sign out when they leave, though that measure is meant to protect the customers staying in the hotel.

Things in Colombia are different than Asia and some other parts of the world. It’s more like a don’t ask, don’t tell policy in most places. They don’t really pay much attention to who comes to the room. There are exceptions, but even in those places guests usually just have to sign in or pay a small fee. It’s rare for guests to be totally prohibited from visiting a room.

The B3 Virrey has reasonable rates considering its location though the fees quoted to walk in customers are a lot higher than the rates available on the internet. It pays to book a stay online before arrival to ensure the best possible prices.

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