Review of Saigon Star guest friendly hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

The Saigon Star hotel is a three star hotel overlooking the well known Vuon Tao Dan Park in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel has a convenient location and it is easy to find. Things can blend in Vietnam’s capital. A lot of first time visitors have issues finding things especially with the various districts. The Saigon Star building stands out a bit and the large illuminated sign broadcasting the English name sure helps.

The interior of the Saigon Star matches its three star score. The doors are staffed around the clock and there are usually taxis posted up outside waiting to take customers anywhere they need to go. Inside there is a large lobby with a desk to the far left, a banquet room to the far right and an elevator bank straight ahead. The elevator lead to the room as well as a men’s sauna with facilities and massage attendants that is open twenty four hours a day.

Review of the Saigon Star in Ho Chi Minh City

Most of the staff at the Saigon Star can speak more than enough English to handle hotel business with foreign visitors though of course it usually accented. That should be more than enough for most visitors who are unable or unwilling to learn the local language. It definitely beats some other parts of the world where staff cannot speak any English at all, even in international hotels targeted at Western visitors.

Whether it is intended, a result of the open floor plan that includes all sorts of people coming in and out to eat or visit the sauna center, or simply a result of a live and let live attitude, the people working at the Saigon Star don’t seem to mind if customers have a guest visit their rooms.

Review of the Saigon Star in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is a major city that is home to millions of people. It gets its fair share of visitors but it is not a tourist attraction like Bangkok. That may be why prices on a lot of things have remained so reasonable. That includes taxi rides as well as mid-range hotels.

Prices at the Saigon Star aren’t bad at all. The walk up rates are even reasonable at most times though they can almost always be beat by booking a stay at the hotel online before arrival.

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