Review of Mercure Jakarta Kota guest friendly hotel

The Mercure Jakarta Kota is one of the better hotel options for single travelers in Indonesia’s capital city. It’s not the most luxurious hotel in the city by any means, but it offers suitable quarters at very reasonable prices.

The hotel Mercure Jakarta Kota is easy to find on Jalan Hayam Wuruk. Virtually every taxi driver in town should know the place though they may confuse it with the newer and nicer Grand Mercure only a few blocks away on the same street if clarification is not made. The lobby is large and well decorated and check in is a breeze.

Mercure Jakarta Kota lobby

The Mercure Jakarta Kota was clearly built several years ago. It has some signs of age, especially in the rooms. None of this gets in the way of the hotel’s quality however and there are no bad signs like mold or foul odors. It’s simply not a brand new facility. That’s one of the reasons it offers such reasonable rates. Service if fine and things like the televisions and Wi-Fi service are completely up-to-date.

Jakarta is a huge city with numerous “hot spots” and areas of nightlife. It’s impossible to be near all simultaneously. The Mercure Jakarta Kota is centrally located near countless nightclubs, bars and large entertainment complexes. Other area are only a taxi ride away and there’s never any trouble hailing a trustworthy Blue Bird taxi right in front of the hotel.

Mercure Jakarta Kota room

Like most hotels in Jakarta the Mercure Jakarta Kota is totally guest friendly. Customers don’t have to do anything special if they’d like to bring a guest back to their room. They can simply walk straight through the lobby and back to the elevators. It’s no more difficult than that.

As always the best price possible can be had by booking a room at the Mercure Jakarta Kota online in advance.

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