Review of Hotel Lisboa, the best guest friendly option in Macau

For those in the know, Macau is widely considered to be a sort of men’s paradise on earth. That has little to do with the gambling the special administrative region is famous for, and much to do with the widespread availability of totally legal adult entertainment. Everything from live shows to full contact strip clubs, full service men’s saunas like the kind fictionalized in Rush Hour and more exist in the confines of this former Portuguese colony.

Macau is actually small and compact enough to navigate on foot, though taxis come in handy for longer jaunts. Hopping between islands in particular requires something more than the shoes you’re wearing if you want to get around without mimicking the New York Marathon. Another option is to get aboard the free shuttle buses provided by a number of hotels. Most of these charge nothing and require nothing, but a few may want to see a room key.

The Hotel Lisboa is one of the older hotels in Macau, but to be quite honest it’s hard to tell. Sure the newer, more expensive, and more elaborate¬†Grand Lisboa is right across the street, but unless you’re some kind of top tier jet setter, the Hotel Lisboa should provide everything you could possibly want.

Hotel Lisboa Macau review

The hotel is a five star affair any everything about it speaks to that, from the elaborate marble studded lobby to the very well appointed rooms. Even the bell hops are top of the line. Best of all, the prices at the hotel are quite reasonable considering what you get and especially when comparing to the prices of similar hotels in places like Tokyo and New York City.

It’s not uncommon at all to be able to score a room at the Hotel Lisboa for a hundred US dollars or less when booked in advance. Sometimes the discounts can go even further. Better still, guests are very often given free upgrades when checking in. This has happened to me on at least four different occasions, the last time leaving me in a very large suite with a stellar view even though I booked a standard room at a huge discount.

The rooms at the Hotel Lisboa are great. Things like top quality furniture and stand up showers complete with back massaging jets, temperature control and radios are the norm. Even the soaps included are top of the line. Large closets are complimented with plush robes and slippers. Black out curtains provide peace and comfort on those days you want to sleep in.

Hotel Lisboa Macau review prostitutes

The entire hotel is covered with high speed wireless internet that is easily accessible. Each room also has a large flat screen television which includes dozens of international channels and at least three adult channels that are completely free to watch.

I’ve never actually seen the cleaning staff in the hotel even though I’ve been several times, but they certainly must be working. Rooms are always spotless and common areas and elevators are kept sparkling. Various staff including bell hops, security guards and beautiful multilingual Chinese women at the front desk are happy to help with anything you need.

There is also a casino in the Hotel Lisboa, though I can’t say a whole lot about that since I’m not much of a gambler. I’d rather spend my money where I’m sure to score. In Macau, there are many possibilities for that. Most of the major men’s saunas are only a short walk from the hotel, and just in case you’re feeling lazy, there is always a line of taxis waiting outside the hotel to take you where you need to go.

Hotel Lisboa Macao review

Those who prefer to spend their time in their rooms, which is totally understandable in a place like the Lisboa, will be happy to know that there are even options for company available on premises. Besides the hundreds of sauna workers who would be more than happy to accompany a guest at the Lisboa back to their room, there are also numerous escort services in the city and even the famous “Lisboa racetrack” downstairs which consists of gorgeous Asian working women circling around in search of male customers. There is never a problem bringing people back to your room at the Lisboa, and in fact with all the entrances you can come and go from your room without even passing by the front desk.

I really have no complaints whatsoever about the Hotel Lisboa. I can’t recommend it enough. The five star rating it receives is totally fitting, the location is fantastic, and the price offers the best bang for the buck you can get in Macau (outside of the saunas that is).

If you just show up at the hotel unannounced you could be charged anything. I’m not sure what the standard is for such a thing as I always¬†book stays at the Hotel Lisboa online to guarantee the best price, but I do know that the official prices the hotel lists are actually quite high. Better to be sure before you head out.

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