Review of New World Makati guest friendly hotel

The New World Makati Hotel is one of the nicest of all the guest friendly hotels in Manila. Centrally located just off of Makati Avenue and only steps away from the Greenbelt 3 shopping center the hotel is easy to find and known by nearly every taxi driver in the city.

The New World Makati is a favorite of businessmen and high profile visitors alike and the high level of service and security at the hotel directly reflects that. Upon entering the drop off area cars are logged and checked by uniformed security guards. Upon entering guests will also have their bags examined by another set of security staff.

New World Makati guest friendly hotel review

Inside the lobby is large and elaborate. In fact it’s probably bigger than some of the other hotels nearby in their entirety. The front desk staff is attentive and courteous and checking in is a breeze. The hotel itself is huge looking more like a skyscraper than a place to stay. A huge bank of elevators gets guests too and from their rooms quickly no matter how many people are going up and down at the time.

The well known P Burgos entertainment area is only a short taxi ride away from the New World and the staff is happy to flag down a cab for any customer who requires it. Women also gather at the Havana Cafe’s outdoor seating cafe in the Greenbelt 3 mall just across the street from the hotel looking for lonely single men.

The New World Makati is quite accommodating to customers who bring in guests. They will have their bags checked as they enter like everyone else but there’s no requirement that they drop off an ID card at the front desk, which is in fact quite far from the elevators. If a guest leaves the hotel without the customer who brings them in the front desk will make a phone call to the room to make sure that everything is okay.

Review of the guest friendly New World Makati hotel in Manila

The rooms at the New World Makati are probably about what one would expect for the price. They are spacious and well-appointed with large bathrooms that contain separate bath and shower areas. A full line of hygiene products and plenty of towels are provided along with plush bathrobes and slippers.

Stays at the hotel (and most others in the area) certainly aren’t cheap by any means but visitors can be sure to get the best rates possible by booking rooms at the New World Makati online. This virtually guarantees that they’ll get the best price available.

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