Review of Oxford Suites guest friendly Manila Hotel

The Oxford Suites Best Western in Metro Manila’s Makati City is a mid-range guest friendly hotel that offers some of the most attractive rates in the area. While other similar hotels in Makati City can charge as much as $150 US per night, one can often find a room at the Oxford Suites for as little as one third of that price.

The Oxford Suites Best Western has been around for some time. Before the Best Western chain picked it up the hotel was known simply as the Oxford Suites, and that’s how most locals and taxi drivers still refer to the place.

Best Western Oxford Suites Makati Manila

The best thing about the Oxford Suites for the single male traveler is the hotel’s convenient location. It is located smack dab in the middle of P. Burgos Street, only feet from several of Makati’s most infamous male-oriented bars. While some may dislike the area because it can get so busy and filled with street walkers and hawkers others will love the convenience of being able to step just outside their hotel doors and into a pub filled with bikini clad women.

The security at the Oxford Suites isn’t as tight as it is at some other hotels in the area, which means paying customers usually aren’t patted down or put through a metal detector. At the same time the guys who man the doors do make sure to check and log ID cards for any female visitors or masseuses that show up to visit a guest staying at the hotel when requested. The front desk staff usually calls customers in their rooms when their guests leave to make sure everything is okay as well.

Best Western Oxford Suites Makati Manila

Even though the hotel has gone through a renovation since Best Western took over, the rooms at the Oxford Suites are hardly the best. The carpets are a bit worn and the showers often supply nothing more than a low pressure flow of lukewarm water. Still the hotel obviously has its place. With the central location and reasonable rates it offers its no wonder that the hotel always has customers.

As usual, showing up at the hotel at the last minute and asking for a room insures that one will be given the highest possible rate. Those looking to save money and get the best price available will book a room at the Oxford Suites Makati online, even if they find themselves standing right in the hotel’s lobby.

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