Review of the guest friendly Marriott Hotel in Panama City

The Marriott Hotel is a four star hotel in Panama City, Panama. The Marriott is a large hotel located in the banking district, which is by far the city’s safest and most developed area. The hotel has everything you would expect including free and fast WiFi and a swimming pool.

The Marriott Hotel is in the heart of the action. It is almost directly across the street from famous nightlife spots like Habano’s Cafe. The infamous Veneto Hotel and Casino is only a few minutes away on foot.

Marriott Panama City

With so much nightlife around it only makes sense that the Marriott would be a guest friendly hotel. Indeed, the twenty hour reception has no problems with customers who decide to bring guests back to their room. At the very most they are asked to sign their guests in to a log book for safety reasons.

The rooms at the Marriott are very nice. Everything from the beds to the drapes are well made and kept in good condition. The rooms are appointed with quality furniture and everything else a guy might need on a stay. The desks in the room are a nice touch for anyone who needs to get work done or simply wants to browse websites like this on a laptop rather than a tiny phone.

Marriott Panama City

The staff at the Marriott is really great. They even provide a free shuttle service to the international airport, which is less than a half-hour away. That represents real value since a taxi ride over the same distance is around twenty five US dollars.

Any four star hotel in a banking area is going to cost some money. Surprisingly though the rates at the Marriott Hotel in Panama City are pretty reasonable. Still, the only way to guarantee a good price is to book online in advance since showing up without a reservation leaves you at the mercy of the hotel.

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