Review of the Howard Johnson Plaza guest friendly hotel in Shanghai

The Howard Johnson Plaza is a large five star hotel in the heart of Shanghai. It is located just two blocks from the Nanjing walking street which is one of the biggest attractions in the city. It is also near a lot of bars and other hot spots.

This hotel is nothing like the old “Ho Jo” hotels that used to be scattered all over the United States. It is a five star hotel through and through with all the expected amenities. Even the lobby is nice with huge open spaces and marble floors.

Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai

The rooms at the Howard Johnson are very large and well appointed. They have big beds, marble bathrooms, solid working desks, everything for ironing and hygiene, robes, slippers, fully stocked minibars and more.

The Howard Johnson Plaza has all the amenities. There are two restaurants inside along with an indoor swimming pool. Room service is great and available around the clock. They can cook up some truly delicious food from the vast menu in no time. There is even a Starbucks located on the ground floor next to the lobby. The entire hotel is covered with free WiFi that seems to be less censored than the rest of China too.

Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai

The Howard Johnson Plaza is totally guest friendly. They have absolutely no problem with customers bringing guests to their rooms. Because of the size of they hotel they probably don’t even notice it. Customers can also have guests come right up to their rooms since it is easy for anyone to walk in through the lobby and over to the elevator bank. There is security at the hotel but it is not invasive at all.

On the one hand China is considered a very strict place. On the other hand this high end hotel allows guests to walk right in and go straight up to any room they want to visit. That includes women dressed provocatively who may be on the job.

This isn’t a discount location of course. No five star hotel in a booming city like Shanghai is going to be cheap. But surprisingly reasonable rates can be had by booking online in advance of a stay. It is possible to save 30 percent or more from the walk in rate this way.

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