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I have been traveling around the world for reasons of both business and pleasure for many years. Over the course of my travels I’ve had to find the best (and worst) places to stay the hard way: on my own.

There are plenty of travel books and websites out there, but most of them are geared to the “safe money” bet of family travel.

What about the millions of single men, not to mention the men who wish they were single and act as if they indeed were when out of view of their ball and chain?

What kind of fun can a guy with a free night or two on his hands have in Jakarta? What hotels cater to male travelers in Macau in every way imaginable? What about guest friendly hotels?

When I am planning my travels I rely on three main websites. The first is Google Flights. The second is The third is Hotels Combined.

These websites make it easy to find the cheapest and best options for travel. In a few minutes I can reserve hotel stays or plan a flight all the way around the world.

Of course I will benefit if and when readers decide to use these websites too. I’m grateful for that, but not reliant on it.

Please note that this site does not promote any illegal activities whatsoever.